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Canicka Cabarras Story

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Canicka Cabarras Atlanta GA - Canica Profile
Canicka Cabarras is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and talented people in Atlanta. Her personality and genuine smile bring entertainment to another level as an on-air Fox Sports South host and former beauty pageant contestant. She is also a winner in the MicroDental Laboratories’ Macstudio Model Search. Part of Canicka’s memorable personality includes her radiant smile, which was rejuvenated by Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Michaela McKenzie, in Atlanta.

Growing up, Canicka was always extremely self-conscious about her smile. She felt that her smile wasn’t esthetically acceptable and began to change the way that she reacted when she felt like smiling. Canicka wished to bring spirit back to her smile, and finding the right cosmetic dentist to achieve the results she wanted was extremely important to her. After a lot of research, Canicka took the first step toward her smile renewal by contacting Dr. McKenzie. After a consultation with Dr. McKenzie, she moved forward with the process of perfecting her smile.

Making Canicka’s story even more interesting, Canicka was discovered as a potential smile model during the smile makeover process. Marketing Communications Director at MicroDental Laboratories–the laboratory with which Dr. McKenzie was partnering with to restore Canicka’s smile–Gabriel Ceballos was called over by the technical service member who noticed her as a potential candidate. “I saw a beautiful, charming woman who was getting her smile rejuvenated by our long-time customer, Dr. Michaela McKenzie. I later contacted Dr. McKenzie and asked her to submit Canicka’s ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to the national Macstudio Model Search Contest once her final restorations were in place. The possibility was there from almost the very beginning and I knew Canicka would be a wonderful addition to our gallery.”

Canicka Cabarras Atlanta GA - Canica Profile Before and After Image 1

Canicka Cabarras Atlanta GA - Canica Profile Before and After Image 2
Dr. McKenzie noted, “After initially meeting Canicka, I saw so much potential in her smile. I worked closely with Canicka and my dental laboratory, MicroDental, to plan and prepare her rejuvenation. I’ve been collaborating with MicroDental Laboratories for over fifteen years and they are the artists behind my vision. Their technicians use my prescription and smile design to artistically craft remarkably natural-looking teeth for my patients. I was thrilled to find out that they were considering Canicka for their national contest and I sent her photos in right away once her smile was complete.”

A few weeks later, the exciting news came… Canicka had been chosen as a winner of the MicroDental Laboratories Macstudio Model Search! Canicka’s adventure started soon after with an all-expense-paid trip to San Francisco; including flight, hotel, transportation, and meals. Upon her arrival, a team of professionals prepared Canicka for her photo shoot with hair, make-up, and styling. She was photographed in a way that made her harmonious new smile the focus of the picture. Needless to say, Canicka looked stunning in all her pictures. The MicroDental Laboratories crew enjoyed photographing her as much as she enjoyed the trip and the opportunity to be featured as a winner.

Returning home from the weekend in San Francisco, Canicka reflected on her experience and her new smile. She felt more confident and motivated to strive toward her dreams than ever before. Canicka never thought that reviving her smile would make her feel that way. She says her new smile has truly changed her life because now, her reactions match her spirit. She smiles again, and people tell her that she has a glow about her often.

“I was extremely pleased with the results that MicroDental helped me accomplish with Canicka’s smile,” concluded Dr. McKenzie. “The wax-up they initially created on exact models of her mouth helped me show Canicka what her smile would look like. The predictability that their wax-ups provide, along with the confidence I have in the recreation, is why I choose to work with only the best dental laboratory in the business. MicroDental has offered me reliable, consistent, quality work since 1999 and I am honored to partner with them.”

Canicka’s photographs from the San Francisco photo shoot were featured in the 2014 and 2015 limited edition MicroDental calendars, as well as various marketing pieces that showcase her beautiful smile update. Canicka is one of the very few patients that have been featured in the MicroDental calendar for two years in a row. Dr. McKenzie and Canicka share this impressive experience and accomplishment in knowing that they have created a lasting gallery of stunning photographs that highlight life-changing dentistry.

Canicka Cabarras Atlanta GA - Canica Profile After 2