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Dr. McKenzie with Mr. Mike Darcy, President of Mars Bio-Med featuring "BOSS" Amalgam Separator 2015 IAOMT Conference in Puerto Rico


I left with a very good impression of a dental office that took great pride in the dental services they provided. I would highly recommend Dazzling Smiles Dental as an excellent place for your dental needs.
~ Steve
Invisalign Atlanta GA - Invisalign Logo
In our image conscious society, most people wish to avoid the unsightly appearance of metal braces. However, crooked teeth, overbite, and other orthodontic problems certainly aren’t attractive either. Invisalign is a clearly unique solution to this age-old dilemma. This cosmetic orthodontic system can straighten crooked teeth and correct bite problems comfortably, conveniently, and beautifully.

What is Invisalign?

You are probably familiar with traditional braces. They consist of metal brackets attached to each tooth and connected by a stiff wire. Invisalign treatment does not use any of these implements. Instead, teeth are straightened with thin aligner trays made of BPA free, transparent plastic.
Each tray is custom made to fit over your teeth, similar to a plastic retainer. It applies slight pressure to specific teeth. Within two weeks, the teeth have shifted enough to fit the aligner. At that time, you simply discard the aligner, and begin wearing the next one in the series.


Invisalign is different from conventional braces in nearly every way, except for the results. This unique system can accomplish virtually anything that traditional braces can, without the embarrassment, discomfort, or inconvenience. The advantages include:
  • Eat anything you want - aligners are removed during meals so there are no food restrictions
  • Convenient oral hygiene - after eating, simply brush and floss, then clean your aligner and snap it back in place
  • Fewer dental appointments - there are no orthodontic adjustment appointments; just a check-up every six weeks to monitor your progress
  • Keep your teeth healthy - tooth decay behind braces is common because of hygiene challenges, which are eliminated with Invisalign
  • Non-toxic, biocompatible materials - no metal, no BPA, no worries
  • Cosmetic treatment - with crystal clear aligners, there is virtually nothing between your smile and the world
  • Predictable outcome - the entire process is digitally planned using exclusive software that provides a step-by-step preview throughout treatment before you ever start
  • Beautiful results - you can enjoy the lovely, straight smile of your dreams
Does Invisalign sound like the clear choice for straightening your smile? Call us at (404) 900-5175 and schedule a consultation to learn if you are a good candidate.

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