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Dr. McKenzie not only is passionate about caring about her Holistic Approach in Dentistry, but helped me tremendously in preventing future problems with my teeth.
I been a patient of hers for 4 years after a previous dentist of mine retired. Little did I know my old dentist of 7 years neglected my teeth, stated that I had no cavities. When his new dentist took over the practice I found out I had several cavities, root canal, and 3 crowns. I knew I needed to find the Best for my teeth, a dentist that is concerned for the health of my teeth which in turn is a healthy well being. Dr. McKenzie was what I was looking for in a dentist, my teeth are now perfect, healthy, and comfortable. I was so pleased with her dental work that now my husband and mom do fly all the way from Florida to go see Dr. Michaela McKenzie. She is the most professional Dentist Around!
~ Jacqueline McLarin
In the area of restorative dentistry, the preferred method of tooth replacement is now dental implants. This treatment has been in development since the 1950s, with continual improvements bringing us the outstanding results we know today. With dental implants, which replace missing roots as well as teeth, your dentist is able to most closely replicate the natural oral structure, achieving the highest degree of functionality and beauty.

As wonderful as conventional implant treatment has been compared to conventional tooth replacement, there was one more improvement that needed to be made, and Dr. McKenzie is proud to offer her patients the finest in implant dentistry: metal-free implants. The use of naturally white ceramic as an alternative to metal facilitates exceptional beauty without compromising general health or posing the risk of allergic response. A leader in cosmetic and biocompatible dentistry, Dr. McKenzie is responsible for the introduction of ceramic implants to the state of Georgia.

At Dazzling Smiles, patients are treated with Z-Systems non-metal dental implants. There are several advantages to ceramic over metal, including:
  • Metal is a substance many people do not want implanted in their body.
  • Some people have a known metal allergy. Studies also suggest that the insertion of metal into the body promotes the development of such an allergy.
  • Z-Systems have been developed over a decade of extensive research and lead the industry with a 98 percent success rate.
  • Titanium is gray, which may be visible at the gum line, especially if the gums recede. All-white implants are the most esthetically pleasing option available.
  • Ceramic does not conduct electricity.
You can learn if dental implants are the most suitable treatment for you in a one on one consultation with Dr. McKenzie in our Atlanta dental practice. Virtually anyone who is healthy enough for a minor surgery or tooth extraction is a good candidate for implants. However, patients with significant bone loss may need a graft to increase the quality and quantity of bone tissue. Dr. McKenzie will tell you if this is necessary, and help you choose the best solution for your situation.

Dental implant treatment is a very minor oral surgery that is performed with precision and gentleness. Local anesthetic numbs the treatment area before insertion and there is minimal discomfort following care. In the months that follow the insertion of implants, the ceramic posts become fused within healthy bone tissue, creating the stability and comfort needed for natural function. When implants have become fused to bone, Dr. McKenzie adds the final restoration.

If you are looking for a beautiful, biocompatible, long-lasting solution to missing teeth, call (404) 900-5175 and schedule a consultation to find out if ceramic dental implants are right for you.

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