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Atlanta, GA area dentist offers dental restoration of the full mouth with teeth in a day

The teeth are necessary to eat, speak, and smile. When patients are missing an entire arch of teeth, this can negatively affect their ability to perform all three of these activities. Dr. Michaela McKenzie encourages patients to learn about the solutions used in our biological dental practice, Dazzling Smiles in Atlanta, GA, for repairing the smile after tooth loss, including full mouth dental restoration with "teeth in a day."
Teeth in a day is a revolutionary way for patients to improve their smile in a more permanent way faster and more efficiently. Instead of using traditional full dentures to replace an arch of teeth, patients can have a specific kind of denture made that is placed in conjunction with dental implants for stability. This implant-supported denture allows patients to enjoy strong, durable false teeth that far exceed the placement of traditional full dentures held in place with natural suction or dental adhesives.
Teeth in a day starts with an examination to determine if patients are appropriate candidates. A series of 3D CAT scan images are done, which provides more detail than traditional x-rays. An oral surgeon is consulted with in regards to placement of the implants for the most effective positioning. The procedure for dental implant placement is done under general anesthetics and administered by a professional at the oral surgeon's office. The implants are placed, and then the new denture is placed as well, allowing patients to leave the oral surgeon's office with their brand new smile.
Dr. Michaela McKenzie and the team of Dazzling Smiles can speak with men and women about restoration options when missing one or more teeth. If you are interested in finding out if full mouth dental restoration with "teeth in a day" is appropriate for you, contact us and book a consultation appointment. We encourage patients to take charge of their dental health and wellness and find solutions that work well for their specific needs. There is no "one size fits all" option and our team is dedicated to finding a unique solution based on patients' and needs and desires.

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