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Dr. McKenzie with Mr. Mike Darcy, President of Mars Bio-Med featuring "BOSS" Amalgam Separator 2015 IAOMT Conference in Puerto Rico

Why Atlanta, GA area patients should consider biological dentistry

Dr. Michaela McKenzie of Atlanta, GA is committed to assisting her patients in achieving beautiful and healthy smiles. She serves area patients with biological dentistry, an aspect of dentistry that focuses on not only the smile but the body as a whole. Biological dentistry follows many precautions. Biological dentists do not:
  • Use silver amalgam fillings
  • Recommend fluoride treatments or products
  • Compromise the health and wellness of patients
  • Use materials that are not biocompatible with the body
Instead, biological dentists:
  • Use ceramic and resin materials for biocompatibility
  • Use ceramic dental implants instead of titanium
  • Offer all-natural products for oral health and hygiene
  • Provide quality dental care in a way that best suits the health and wellbeing of the body
  • Stay educated and knowledgeable on the latest research and developments in biological dentistry
  • Follow proper protocols set forth by the IAMOT (International Academy of Medicine and Oral Toxicology) for the removal of silver amalgam fillings
Dr. Michaela McKenzie of Dazzling Smiles encourages new patients to visit her practice to learn about the ways in which they can improve their smile in a healthy fashion. Treatments for correcting imperfections and repairing the smile after periodontal disease vary, and our team focuses on the compatibility of materials and products before using them in our patients' mouths. Our team is constantly gaining continued education to ensure we are providing our patients with the best possible treatments available for amazing results!

We follow IAMOT protocols for silver amalgam removal, which includes proper ventilation, air filtration, and coverage for both patient and dentist for optimum protection against harmful vapors and airborne particles. We want to protect everyone from the dangers of mercury toxicity when we are replacing fillings with quality composite resin.

If you live in or around the Atlanta, GA, area and you have considered visiting a biological dentist, contact Dazzling Smiles today. Our team welcomes patients who have a passion for achieving a healthy smile while maintaining the wellbeing of their body. Our team is dedicated to providing the best biological care around.

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