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Crowns and Bridges

I left with a very good impression of a dental office that took great pride in the dental services they provided. I would highly recommend Dazzling Smiles Dental as an excellent place for your dental needs.
~ Steve
A dental crown is a full coverage restoration that can protect a weakened tooth, or restore a badly damaged tooth. A dental bridge is a single unit composed of dental crowns with a false tooth (pontic) fused between them. These restorations can be made of various materials, but Dr. McKenzie chooses high-strength porcelain. It is nontoxic, biocompatible, and it mimics that appearance of natural tooth enamel perfectly, for optimal health and beauty.


A crown may be used anytime that a tooth needs protection, strengthening, or restoration beyond what a filling can provide. If you have a cavity, the larger it is, the more likely the tooth is to need a crown. The muscles of mastication (jaws) are the most powerful muscles in the human body. Therefore, teeth must be strong enough to withstand tremendous amounts of pressure. A crown encases the tooth in strong, durable porcelain, protecting it from damage. It also restores the appearance of your smile.

Additionally, at Dazzling Smiles, Michaela McKenzie offers CEREC technology to fabricate new crowns. This machine is not available in every dental office, but allows patients the opportunity to have their crown placed during a single visit—without having to wait weeks as they may in other area dental practices.


A bridge is typically used when a single tooth is missing, and there are teeth on both sides of the gap. The replacement tooth is joined with two dental crowns, forming a one-piece unit. When the crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the gap, the replacement tooth is held firmly in place. In some cases, a variation of this design may be utilized to replace more than one tooth, or to fill a gap that only has one adjacent tooth. A bridge may be a good option for patients who are not candidates for dental implants, or those who prefer not to have implants.

The procedure

The process for crowns and bridges is very similar, and takes two appointments to complete. First, any decay or damaged material is removed from the tooth to be crowned. It is then prepared and shaped, which may require reducing or building up the tooth for optimal retention. Impressions are then taken and you are fitted with a temporary restoration.
Dr. McKenzie designs crowns and bridges using the sound principles of cosmetic dentistry, for dazzling results. The design and impressions are sent to an exclusive dental laboratory, where an expert ceramist crafts the final restoration. When it is ready, we will schedule your second appointment. After verifying the fit, appearance, and comfort of the crown or bridge, the doctor will cement it in place.
If you would like to schedule an appointment, or you want to learn more about biocompatible, cosmetic crowns and bridges, call our office at (404) 900-5175.

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