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Atlanta, GA area cosmetic dentists provide a wide range of restorative solutions

Patients with imperfections of their smile may have decided that they will have to live with them because it can be too expensive to repair these problems. However, many of these individuals have not spoken with a dental professional about the possibility of obtaining the smile of their dreams! Thanks to changes in dental technologies and techniques, cosmetic dentistry has become more affordable than ever! Patients in the Atlanta, GA area are welcome to speak with cosmetic dentists such as Dr. Michaela McKenzie of Dazzling Smiles about the many approaches used to develop a complete smile makeover!
A few of the more common aesthetic treatments used in our practice to rejuvenate patient smiles are listed below:

Teeth Whitening

Sometimes, all the smile needs is a boost! Our teeth bleaching solutions include both in-office power whitening and take-home bleaching kits with professional-strength whiteners.

Porcelain Veneers

Disguising imperfections may be as easy as placing custom-made porcelain veneers over the front of imperfect teeth. Veneers last a long time and make it simple to hide problems such as broken, misshapen, stained, or misaligned teeth.


Crowns are used not only to protect the natural tooth structure but to cover imperfections. They are best used on teeth near the back of the mouth such as the molars that need to withstand stronger biting and chewing forces than veneers near the front.


Replacing teeth can be done with the use of a dental bridge, which extends to the adjacent teeth for support.

Dental Implants

Dr. Michaela McKenzie offers her patients all-ceramic dental implants, which are not only strong and durable but beautiful and biocompatible.

Dental Bonding

Composite resin material can be easily used to cover imperfections in the same ways as porcelain veneers but during a single appointment.


Orthodontic treatment does not have to be unattractive. Dr. Michaela McKenzie enjoys showing her patients what they can do with Invisalign, which uses clear aligner trays as an alternative to metal brackets and wires.

Facial Rejuvenation

In addition to transforming the smile, Dr. Michaela McKenzie can also rejuvenate one's appearance by reducing fine lines and wrinkles with Botox and Juvéderm injections.

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