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Kara Michele Wilder
(Actress "Let's Be Cops", produced by 20th Century Fox - will be released in theaters nationwide August 13, 2014)

As an actress, a beautiful smile is invaluable!
Dr. McKenzie helped make me feel glamorous and beautiful in a spa-like environment! I recommend her to all my friends.


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Are Your Mercury Fillings Causing Candida?


Dr. Michaela McKenzie of Dazzling Smiles is a dentist who understands that there is a connection between the health of the smile and the rest of the body. This is known as the oral systemic connection. Patients who have periodontal disease are putting themselves at risk for a myriad of other medical problems. However, there are other links to the mouth that many patients may not be aware of. This is the link between silver amalgam fillings and yeast, also known as candida.

Candida is a year that resides in the body in small amounts that can be beneficial. However, when there is too much of it, it can break down the walls of the intestines and release unwanted toxins into the body. These toxins are linked to many health conditions, and may result in problems such as a white coated tongue, bad breath, poor digestion, and “brain fog.”


Yeast can overgrow in the body due to many factors, but if patients have silver amalgam fillings, this may be the first suspect. This is because these fillings contain up to 50% mercury. Mercury can be released when the filling is heated, which can occur during brushing or chewing. This causes the mercury to accumulate in the body. This neurotoxin can become a serious problem in the body and can affect the immune system, nervous system, and endocrine system. Mercury exposure has also been linked to children with lower IQs as it can affect the brain.


Mercury is pro-inflammatory and can result in oxidative stress in the body, destroying the enzymes in the body that are responsible for converting omega-3 fatty acid. This is important for good health and a balance in the proper conditions to keep candida from flourishing.


Patients who are experiencing oral issues that may indicate an overgrowth of yeast may want to speak to Dr. Michaela McKenzie of Dazzling Smiles about an examination to discuss the possibility of replacing mercury fillings if they are responsible for the condition. Our practice offers composite resin fillings which are not only healthier for the body as a whole, but also more aesthetic.