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Biological - Mercury Safe Dentistry

Best Biological - Mercury Safe Dentistry provider in Atlanta, Georgia area
Dentistry is the art and science of oral medicine. One would expect the practice to revolve around health, with utmost consideration for patient safety, and the use of non-toxic materials. Unfortunately, the old-school mindset was to approach dentistry more like engineering. Dentists were tooth mechanics, and little thought was given to the effect that oral health, or dental materials, may have on the body.

The old way of thinking is beginning to evolve, with accumulating evidence of the mouth-body connection. Although industry-wide progress is painfully slow, certain progressive professionals such as Dr. McKenzie are practicing the future of dentistry today. Dazzling Smiles is a biological dental practice, which means that we are keenly aware of the effect anything that goes in your mouth, or is done to your mouth, can have on your overall health and quality of life. Dr. McKenzie will only allow materials, techniques, and technology that she believes is truly beneficial to the patient in every possible aspect, and not harmful in any way.

Mercury safe dentistry

Mercury amalgam is one of the most common, and most controversial dental materials in use today. We do not use this material in our office under any circumstances, but we do see many patients who already have amalgam fillings. If those fillings are failing, they need to be removed and replaced. Additionally, if the patient wants those fillings updated with cosmetic, biocompatible resin or porcelain, the amalgam will need to be removed.
The traditional method of removing a filling is to drill it out. If you have ever been around a construction site, machine shop, or woodshop, you know that drilling creates dust and heat. When the material being drilled contains mercury, the particulate matter (dust) in the air also contains mercury. Additionally, heat and friction release mercury vapor. The IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) has developed a very specific protocol for safely removing mercury fillings, which Dr. McKenzie adheres to strictly. The multi-phase process, including physical barriers and air filtration, protect the patient as well as the staff from elevated exposure during the removal process. Dr. McKenzie is a respected member of the IAOMT as well as the DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions).

Fluoride free solutions

Although it receives less attention than amalgam, fluoride is another hotly debated topic in dentistry. It is frequently added to products used in the office and home care products. Although oral care products are not meant to be swallowed, it is virtually impossible to avoid ingesting a bit of toothpaste or mouth rinse occasionally. This only adds to the already high levels of fluoride, which many people consume via supplements and treated public water supplies.
Biological Dentistry Atlanta - Minamata Convention Despite the popularity of fluoride, there is overwhelming evidence pointing to its risks. Studies suggest that accumulated fluoride may damage soft tissues, bones, and teeth. Dental fluorosis, which involves discoloration of the teeth, occurs when children suffer from overexposure to fluoride – and it is four times more common today than it was in the early 1940s, before fluoridated water was introduced. There are also dozens of studies linking “modest” fluoride exposure to low IQs in children. We use non-fluoride products in our office, and we advise our patients to use non-fluoride products at home.

What Our Patients Say About Biological - Mercury Safe Dentistry

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My husband went to have an amalgam filling removed the RIGHT way. We were so impressed with her knowledge and extreme care of details. As being healthcare professionals ourselves, we were so thankful to have someone who does things the correct way and truly cares about your entire well being while taking care of your teeth, safely. Highly recommend! Rebecca W.
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